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Dark RP Server Rules

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Dark RP Server Rules Empty Dark RP Server Rules

Post  Chill Pill on Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:34 pm


Website At
Steam Group At

All of These Rules Are A Work In Progress And May Be Subject To Change

General Rules

1. Never Bitch To Much
We'll Kick / Ban People Who Start To Ruin The Server With Their Bitching

2. Never Threaten To DDOS This Server
Instant Permanent Ban

3. Don't Fuck Around on The Mic
Don't Mic Spam
Also Don' Be An Annoying As Fuck Eleven Year Old
Also Don't Have Some Shitty Squeaky Voice

4. Evading Any Form Of Punishment From Admins Will Result In A Ban
Permanent Or How Ever They See Fit

5. Don't Tell Admins How To Admin
Admins Gonna Admin

6. Hacking Is Not Allowed
Just Don't Do It, Permanent Ban

7. Be As Racist And Vulgar As You Want, Without Pushing It Over The Limit
Just Don't Be An Asshole

8. Only Speak English
If You Constantly Speak Another Language You'll Be Kicked
No Hablo Ingles ?
To Bad.

9. No Sick Sprays
Porn That Is Hot Is A Ok
Child Porn & General Fucked Up Shit Isn't Allowed

10. Don't Make Up Rules
Permanent Ban Because Fuck You

Dark RP Rules

1. Never Prop Kill / Prop Push / Prop Climb / Prop Spam
Prop Climbing Will Be Determined By Admins If Part Of A Building

2. Never Prop Block
There Has To Be At Least One Accessible Entrance To Any Given Room

3. Never Random Death Match
This Means Without Reason, There Are Tons of Reasons To Kill A Man

4. Never Break New Life Rule
If You Die Anywhere Don't Come Back To That Spot For At Least Two Minutes
If You Die, You Don't Go Back And Bitch About Dieing, That's Breaking NLR

5. Never Raid As Gun Dealer
Gun Dealers Should Be Selling Guns Not Raiding

6. Pull A Gun Your Allowed To Be Shot
Pulling A Gun Near or Around Someone Can And Should Be Taken As A

7. Any Verbal Threats Will Be Taken As A Threat
Means You Can And Should Be Killed For Mic Threats

8. Never Place More That 3 Key Pads To One Door
This Means Fake Or Opening One Fading Door Prop To Find The Next Keypad

9. As Terrorist You May Only Jihad Groups of 3 or More
This Is Not Including Civil Protection Chief And Mayor, Its Your Job To Try to
Destroy Them

10. If Your Seen With Valuables You Can Be Shot For Them
Meaning Money Printers / Drug Labs / Microwaves / Gun Labs / Guns Bigger
Than Pistols (Un Equipped) / Any Shipments

11. Guns larger than a pistol are illegal without a permit.

12. Drugs, Lockpicks, Unarrest Sticks, Keycrackers are illegal to carry in possession. Drugs such as weed can be legalized with mayor's approval.

13. Raiding is allowed.

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